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Paddle24seven is a website and forum for the canoe/kayak paddling community. 

Our events tab shows river clean-ups, training opportunities and the next scheduled canoe/kayak races. There is also a events list on the left side of the home page.  If you know of an event that you would like included on the list, contact the web admin by email. 

The forum is off to a great start with added features including a peer feedback system, user avatars and the ability to embed photos and videos. The general public can read all posts, but you will need to register for an account to post on the forum.  Please read our disclaimer.

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 News Updates

 Upcoming Races/Events

  • TWO - Texas Winter 100
  • Town Lake Series 1
  • Battle on the San Jac.
  • Town Lake Series 2
  • Town Lake Series 3
  • Luce Bayou
  • Safari Seminar


Race admins, plaese send your race dates to paddle24seven@gmail.com

Paddle24Seven is pleased to announce a race/workout planning and shuttling schedule to help safari paddlers shuttle their vehicles through the end of May.

Paddle24Seven will be organizing vehicle shuttles using our forum along with other forms of communication for paddlers who want to focus their training on the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers.

We have avoided scheduling workouts on top of existing races/events whenever possible, but with the busy race schedule some conflicts were unavoidable.

Anyone is welcome to participate in any or all of these events. All paddlers should be proficient at getting themselves on the water, down the river and off the water. In the event of an emergency while paddling, please be prepared to call 911.

For more information, feedback or suggestions please email paddle24seven@gmail.com

Paddle24seven.com is intended to inform canoe and kayak enthusiasts in a general way about the topics related to canoe and kayak paddling. The information is provided as a convenience to the reader. By providing this general information including all articles, maps, forum topics or other website links, we do not assume any liability for the use of this information, the skill level or abilities of the reader.

Paddle24seven.com assumes the reader understands that canoeing and kayaking poses significant risk of injury or fatality. Persons reading this information are strongly advised to seek the necessary hands-on training in basic canoe and/or kayak handling, first aid and CPR as a responsible and necessary precaution when beginning this sport.

The reader recognizes that he or she, of their own personal choice, assumes all risk of property damage, personal injury or fatality and agrees to hold Paddle24seven.com harmless from any liability as a result of their interpretation of the information provided in these pages.


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